Large dating site of smaller site more focussed to your needs?


This is a common question that comes up when people are looking for a dating site to join. These days there are a whole host of sites catering for every conceivable need. Do you pick a dating site that focuses on one particular need like dating for older people, disabled people or even single parents or do you decide to go with a more well known site which guarantees a bigger pool of single members?

There is no clear cut answer to this. I would generally advise newcomers to the online dating game to go with an established dating site with a good track record of customer service and a large pool of members unless your own personal requirements are quite specific. Some dating sites that cater for the likes of overweight people, red headed people and the like are generally no more likely to help you find your ideal partner than any other mainstream dating website especially when you consider that most modern dating sites offer a vast range of search options so you can filter your matches by things like build, hair colour or age. Where the more focused sites come into their own is when a person is after a very specific partner. Sites like disabled dating, single parent dating or even sites catering for a particular religion can be very effective in finding a match if you are only interested in meeting someone who matches your specified criteria and you are not open to meeting someone outside of these groups or when people of a particular group do not readily register for the more general dating sites.

In summary, if you are just more attracted to people of a certain body type, age or similar I would recommend you stick to the well known dating sites, many of which offer a free trial period so you can see if its right for you prior to handing over any money. If your needs are more strict, try a dating site that focuses on matching people in your target group.

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